What are Contaminants and how it is removed?

At Ceramic Pro Kochi we take care of your vehicle very minutely, your car undergoes various preparation processes before Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film application.

Decontamination is Stage 1

Your vehicle is constantly being attacked. “By What?” you say. “My car is parked, minding its own business” gravity is not a friend of your vehicle’s finish. Every day your car is exposed to the elements, air-borne nasties are landing on your car; fall out, overspray, iron deposits, bugs, tar, road debris, tree saps, salts and others, binding to all the parts of vehicles and leaving it looking dull and contaminated. We refer to these nasties as ‘CONTAMINANTS’ and process of this occurring as ‘CONTAMINATION’

Why Ceramic Coating?

Process of Removing Contamination (DECONTAMINATION)

Here our goal is to remove contaminants from the surface. These are the two ways to tackle this problem.

Car Decontamination
  1. Mechanical Way

This process involves gently massaging the surface with a clay bar to shave off the Contaminants from the surface. This will remove environmental fallout shields on the paint surface, overspray, bugs, etc.

Clay Bar on Car
  1. Chemical Way

Claying shaves contaminants of the surface only. Therefore, there is still some fall out on paint surface and other parts.

Here a chemical treatment is used to dissolve the contaminants and release it chemical Decontamination allows for elements bonded to the surface to be removed. We are using both ways to complete the decontamination process.

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